Golf Course Remodeling

Why Remodel?

There are many reasons that a golf course may be remodeled. Some courses may have a routing of the holes that creates safety issues for players or for adjacent property owners. The acquisition of more land could offer opportunities to improve strategy and increase length. A more recent trend is the value of the real estate for housing or commercial use in some markets greatly exceeds the value of golf. Sometimes adjustments can be made to the routing that will create additional development space. This could provide the funding for remodeling of the course and generate additional revenue for the developer.

When to Remodel?

Remodeling is best done when there is an opportunity to change the routing of the course to take advantage of additional land availability or the ability to rearrange holes to provide better strategy and player safety. This magnitude of change typically requires a higher budget and takes more time to do the work.

How to Remodel?

The basic steps shown in the introduction page are appropriate for remodeling with the addition of the preparation of routing plans by the architect and review and approval by the owner/managers of the course. If the rerouting is substantial or involves new property, permits and approvals from state and local agencies may be required. The time and cost of the approval process must be taken into account in the planning of the job.

Benefits of Remodeling

There are many potential benefits to implementing a remodeling program for an existing course. The chance to do a real “makeover” that produces a new look to the course can often be the opportunity to reposition the facility in the market. A major change in the character of the course could result in more membership sales or increases in play and fees. The cost of maintenance could be reduced with a design that creates less handwork or reduces maintained areas.