“Make each hole present a different problem. So arrange it that every stroke must be made with a full concentration and attention necessary to good golf.”

Donald Ross


The ASGCA is a diverse group of professionals with an even greater diversity of educational backgrounds and regional origins. This multiplicity was even seen dating back to our Founding Fathers in the 1940s. But what unites our members is an unparalleled breadth of experience and a commitment to the game of golf, its sustainability and continued growth.


The ASGCA is rich in history and garners great respect in the golf industry. Becoming a member is the highest validation of an architect's life-long work, and an invitation to fraternize, learn and share with some of the most talented and experienced individuals in the profession.


ASGCA Annual Meetings, conferences and study tours are excellent opportunities for our members to learn from one another, strengthen the profession and solidify a camaraderie that has come to characterize the organization. ASGCA is also a presenting partner of the Golf Industry Show and active at many industry events.