New Courses

The design and execution of a golf course project, whether a new course or the renovation of an existing one, can be a complex undertaking. Every course and client is different, though much of the process remains similar.

ASGCA members are golf course architects who understand this process, and help developers successfully navigate the maze of details involved with creating a successful golf project. Because new course design is unique from renovation or remodeling of an existing course, the Design Section is divided to allow for easier access. To learn more about existing course renovation, click here. To learn more about new course projects, read on!

New Course Design

Here are a number of areas to be addressed by the developer for every new golf course. Please note, the order can vary by project.

It is no surprise “Choosing a Golf Course Architect” is listed first. But consider, the golf course architect is often the only person involved with a new project who has the background and expertise to lead the developer through the entire process. From the beginning of the Selection & Assessment of the Site to consultation about operations and maintenance of the finished course, the architect fills a central role. ASGCA members, with proven expertise demonstrated by the stringent membership requirements, make great choices as leaders of the project team.

In almost every new golf development, these items will need to be addressed at some point. As each is explored in more detail on this site, the importance of the golf course architect’s role is clear.