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“ASGCA Insights” features discussions with men and women who are making a positive difference in the golf industry. The challenges facing all aspects of golf are many and varied, but so are the people working each day to meet those challenges head on. “Insights” provides perspective and information that details what folks are experiencing today and gives thought to what the future may hold for the game and industry.

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Below are all the live episodes of ASGCA Insights so that you can listen to them at your leisure.

Episode 34 – 2/20/23

Davis Love III, recounts his “incredible adventure” over 30 years as Ryder Cup player and captain. And when it comes to golf course architecture, “designing ‘hard’ is easy; interesting & memorable is a much better goal.” 

Episode 32 – 6/1/22

Paul Tesori opens his caddie notebook to share stories of life on tour, chest bumping with Jerry Kelly, working each day (literally) for Vijay Singh, finding personal & professional fulfillment with Webb Simpson…and the challenge of walking Augusta National while carrying a 45-pound bag. 

Episode 30 – 4/11/22

Bill Bergin, ASGCA, shares memories of a wonderful weekend at St. Andrews competing in The Open Championship, but it was providing golf lessons at a club in Atlanta that provides the driving force for his golf course architecture today. 

Episode 28 – 11/3/21

When fishing, skiing & the outdoors are a valuable part of your upbringing it is only natural the environment play an important part of your work as a golf course architect. ASGCA President Jason Straka shares his story that has taken him from field to classroom and back again.

Episode 26 – 5/27/21

Sandy Cross, PGA of America, says the industry’s focus on Diversity & Inclusion in the game still hinges on a valuable point: “If you’re not having fun, you probably aren’t coming back.” The new “Make Golf Your Thing” campaign reminds everyone there is more than one way to love the game.

Episode 24 – 12/21/20

USGA’s Rand Jerris sought an internship & found a 30+-year career. And when it comes to course improvements today, “The thoughtful research, training & experience a golf course architect can bring to a project or facility cannot be done by Green Committee members alone.”

Episode 22 – 10/20/20

ASGCA President Forrest Richardson details his “Ahead of the Game” philosophy for the future of golf course architecture. “Our profession cannot remain static. We can come up with new ways to experience the golf course, while respecting the 18-hole game that is still played.”

Episode 20 – 8/11/20

USGA Executive Director Mike Davis on working with ASGCA members: “It’s tremendously helpful to have a qualified architect working with us – even if the original architect is no longer alive – to gain a sense of design & likely thinking of the designer.”

Episode 18 – 7/1/20

Derek Duncan, architecture editor at “Golf Digest” has been on the front lines reporting on golf course design for 20+ years, including magazines, online & podcasts. “Fun to let architects talk about theory & create a digital archive. Imagine if we could listen to Tillinghast or Mackenzie.”

Episode 16 – 6/15/20

“Golf Course Industry” editor Guy Cipriano discusses the innovative work of superintendents and the popularity of the “Tartan Talks” podcast featuring ASGCA members. “There are dozens of great architects with stories to tell that we wanted to bring forward to our listeners.”

Episode 14 – 6/3/20

How does a young man without a golfing background come to have his college education paid for by an ASGCA Founding Member, eventually work for both Pete Dye and Jack Nicklaus, and design golf courses in China, Indonesia, Malaysia & Viet Nam? Lee Schmidt, ASGCA, explains all.

Episode 12 – 5/27/20

Will the current change in customer experience at golf courses lead to a change in customer expectations? National Golf Course Owners of America CEO Jay Karen discusses how the future at golf facilities may look more like the present.

Episode 10 – 5/15/20

Award-winning writer Michael Bamberger discusses what makes golf unique, from it being a “game of honor” to the people golfers know by a single name – Arnie, Jack and Tiger. Forty years in journalism has introduced Michael to the players, caddies, officials and fans that keep the game growing.

Episode 8 – 5/10/20

National Club Association President Henry Wallmeyer. “Timely, pertinent information for members” has been the mantra for NCA in recent weeks in hosting dozens of webinars, with experts from epidemiology, human resources, golf course architecture, economics, legal expertise & more. “Our golf clubs are optimistic. Rounds played, year-over-year, is up tremendously right now.”

Episode 6 – 5/5/20

Henry DeLozier of GGA Partners provides his unique business perspective on the changing face of the golf industry. “Control the things that you can control. Adaptability for all parties is the key going forward. Now is the time for clubs and architects to come together. Architects can bring forward cost effective designs and ideas to make clubs more successful.”

Episode 4 – 5/1/20

ASGCA Past President Tom Marzolf discusses the background and importance of the “Life Cycle” chart, and how facilities use this important document to maintain course quality. He also profiles Fazio Design courses set to host 2021 Summer Olympic Games (Tokyo) and 2026 Ryder Cup (Ireland).

Episode 2 – 4/24/20

Award-winning journalist Brad Klein of “Morning Read” details how, “golf has a chance not merely to survive Coronavirus but to thrive through innovation on the other side of the pandemic.”

Episode 33 – 10/25/2022

How did a banjo player from the University of Virginia come to spend 30+ years with the PGA Tour and IMG, designing golf courses with some of the biggest names in the game? Brit Stenson, ASGCA, details how he focused on walking through open doors and not looking back.

Episode 31 – 4/24/2022

Two-time LPGA major titlist and long-time golf broadcaster Dottie Pepper is a professional at all levels who received the gift of friendship twice from the same man – once when he corresponded with her throughout her formative years, and a second time when she learned he saved all those letters.

Episode 29 – 1/10/2022

ASGCA Past President Mike Hudzan studied at the foot of Jack Kidwell, ASGCA. His career includes 400+ projects on five continents and a life of service to the U.S. military. He also explains how a simple Christmas gift in 1968 was the beginning of a museum-worthy collection of golf history.

Episode 27 – 6/7/2021

Rees Jones, ASGCA, previews the 2021 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines: his renovations over 20 years, improvements since the ’08 Open & what viewers should look for on a daunting back nine when the title is on the line. Plus, his unique perspective on ASGCA as the 75th-year celebration begins.

Episode 25 – 1/14/2021

Golf Channel “changed the course” of Brian Anderson’s career. Today, he is a mainstay of the Turner Sports family on PGA events, Major League Baseball, NBA basketball and the NCAA tournament, where he is also seen on CBS. And he once made $7/hour folding golf shirts in a pro shop…really.

Episode 23 – 10/30/2020

Jeff Brauer, ASGCA, discusses “Designs on a Better Golf Course.” For anyone with a voice in determining how and when to update, renovate or redesign a golf course, what questions should you be asking? Green Cmte. members, superintendents, owners/operators, PGA pros take note.

Episode 21 – 9/2/2020

A conversation with Renee Powell is a walk through golf history: 2nd African-American LPGA member, USO traveler to visit troops in Viet Nam, R & A member, residence hall named in her honor at University of St. Andrews, proprietor, coach/teacher & Donald Ross Award recipient.

Episode 19 – 7/20/2020

Gary Collins, Master Club Advisors, updates how clubs handled the lockdown & are looking forward. “Clubs moved projects forward sooner rather than later, including maintenance projects and renovations that improved their courses. Even with golfers back, these are moving along.”

Episode 17 – 6/19/2020

A conversation with Jack Nicklaus, ASGCA. He details how “sinking a couple of putts” opened doors to the 2nd & 3rd chapters of an incredible career: golf course design in 45 countries & a commitment to making a positive difference through the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Episode 15 – 6/8/2020

Jeff Morgan, President/Chief Executive Officer of the Club Management Association of America, on the changing state of club management. “Practice facilities, executive courses, short-game options & more; it is important our member facilities work closely with course architects.”

Episode 13 – 5/29/2020

Hunki Yun provides a look behind the scenes at the USGA. From agronomy to Pace of Play, how golf benefits a community to understanding the complete golfer experience, research plays a role in decisions being made by the game’s governing body each day. 

Episode 11 – 5/22/2020

Gary Williams, co-host of Golf Channel’s “Morning Drive” joins ASGCA for a fascinating chat that includes how a television show is produced when no one is in a studio, and the tale of – perhaps – the final competitive moment between Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus.

Episode 9 – 5/11/2020

Bob Randquist, Chief Operating Officer of Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, discusses the proactive role of GCSAA and its members in promoting the essential care and business practices of golf facilities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The joint efforts with other industry partners, including ASGCA, helped courses remain ready as golfers are returning to play.

Episode 7 – 5/7/2020

“Open, transparent and authentic.” Those are the words PGA of America President Suzy Whaley uses to describe how she and her staff are communicating with their 29,000 members…and how she sees the golf industry interacting with players as more facilities open and playing opportunities return. 

Episode 5 – 5/4/2020

ASGCA President Jan Bel Jan talks about the changing roles of women in leadership in the golf industry, as well as what she is hearing from her peers at the highest levels of the game. “There is recognition that this is the best time to make changes because we are forced to change. And it should be done with thoughtfulness. Do not make decisions irrationally and then end up regretting them because we did not take the time to think about them.”

Episode 3 – 4/30/2020

ASGCA Vice President Forrest Richardson provides perspective on planning and continuing project work during unique times. “This is an opportunity to explore how golf courses can provide even more entertainment and opportunities to socialize and be the hub of a community, neighborhood or region.”

Episode 1 – 4/20/20

ASGCA Past President Erik Larsen discusses the significant contributions golf courses make to communities. From economic benefits like jobs and taxes to environmental and recreational benefits, he describes how golf courses are valuable—and how municipal officials and other leaders can make best use of those benefits.