Architectural Review & Construction Observation

restoration-4Constructing a golf course is a highly specialized and technical undertaking. The decisions made in this phase will last for many years, so it’s essential that the job is done properly from day one. It is important for the golf course architect and the golf course builder to interact and remain in constant contact during the various phases of construction for the completed project to match the intended design.

One of the most important services of any architect is their ability to make site visits during construction and respond to field changes needed to address construction issues as they arise. The ability to take advantage of new design opportunities that appear and to take care of questions that occur during the building process are some of the most valuable attributes of the golf course architect. On many projects, the architect will also be the designated party to certify contractor payment requests for the owner. Often the architect will be the person to resolve disputes between the owner and contractor. Experience with these services is part of the skills required of most designers.

Choosing the appropriate architect to plan and design a golf course project is critical, but it is also important to select a builder that is competent and well-respected in the industry. It is essential that the course builder work well with the rest of team and in concert with the selected architect to realize the vision for the course. Selecting a builder that has experience with similar projects and a relationship with the architect on past projects is always preferred.

Many ASGCA members prefer to use members of the Golf Course Builders Association of America (GCBAA). GCBAA is a nonprofit trade association comprised of the world’s foremost golf course builders and leading suppliers to the golf course construction industry. It was founded in the early 1970s, and its members represent all segments of the golf course construction industry. The association also endeavors to provide comprehensive programs and services to construction contractors and specialists in regard to the changing regulations and technology of golf course construction.

GCBAA is a founding member of the Allied Associations of Golf (AAG) and continues to work closely with fellow AAG members, including the American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA), on a variety of issues that affect the golf course construction industry.