Construction Documents

new-developments-1Once a routing plan has been completed that fits into the overall master plan and that meets the criteria of the developer, a preliminary set of golf course construction documents is often produced. This set of drawings usually contains enough detail to get an idea of earthworks quantity, and to see how the course will fit with environmental measures. Later, after the approval and financing parts of the project are more established, the architect will then complete a full set of construction documents. ASGCA architects have the proven ability to provide clear, accurate construction plans and specifications. This allows for bids to be received that can be used as definitive guides in the construction process. If construction of a new golf course is to be successful, a set of plans that contain the following types of documents should typically be produced:

  • Strategy plan
  • Staking and layout plan
  • Clearing Types and Limits
  • Contour/Grading
  • Cut and Fill Quantity plans
  • Fairway Drainage
  • Greens detail plans
  • Feature construction of tees, bunkers and greens
  • Grassing
  • Construction details

In addition, such items as irrigation plans, cart path construction, master storm drainage, landscape design, environmental protection and others may be produced by other team members or by the architect depending on their individual expertise. However, even if some plans are not actually done by the architect, their production will still be coordinated by the designer to fit within the theme and style of the golf course.

Often, adjustments will have to be made to the plans in response to environmental issues that come up during the approval or construction phases. The architect must be able to find a solution to the issue that will protect the environment and still keep the course strategy intact.

Other services that are done by most architects include producing a full set of specifications, cost estimates and assistance with contractor selection and bid evaluation.