Remodeling University

Remodeling University is designed for golf course decision-makers who are either currently involved with a course remodeling project or those who are entertaining the possibility of a future golf course remodeling effort. ASGCA planned Remodeling University to provide decision-makers with useful information about budgeting, the planning process and the roles and responsibilities that architects, superintendents, builders, and others will play in a remodeling initiative. Remodeling University sessions also offer insights on permitting, cost estimations, plan preparations and suggestions on how to sell a remodeling project to your membership.

Each distinct program features renowned ASGCA architects experienced in a number of unique remodeling and restoration initiatives. These experienced professionals address project basics such as defining needs, choosing a time frame, financial and budget considerations and questions every golf course decision-maker should be asking. They also emphasize the importance of carefully following each step in the planning process, from obtaining permits to determining the phasing process.

Remodeling University is a traveling program that has appeared at top venues across the country including Riviera Country Club (Los Angeles), Westchester Country Club (New York) and North Shore Country Club (Chicago). The next Remodeling University session is scheduled for the 2009 Golf Industry Show. To date more than 2,000 people have taken part in ASGCA’s Remodeling University.



“Remodeling University was an extremely practical, useful and timely event. Not only was it beneficial in providing the necessary steps for carrying a project through to completion, but it gave everyone an understanding of the long-range planning and budgeting that is essential for any golf course or club thinking about improving their course.”

Dan Dinelli

Certified Golf Course Superintendent, North Shore Country Club, Glenview, Illinois

“I feel Remodeling university is a helpful tool for any golf course developer to see remodeling from the architect’s point of view. A wide range of topics were covered, from the planning stage to the planting of turf grass. As a turf grass producer, I was especially happy to hear my industry’s input in the Remodeling University agenda.”

Randy Kane

Director of Turf Grass Programs, Chicago District Golf Association, Chicago, Illinois

“There are more golfers and more courses, and the equipment has evolved tremendously over the years. Therefore, the demand for remodeling golf courses has increased. ASGCA feels that if the remodeling is done properly, there are no disadvantages. The symposium was designed to guide private and public golf course owners to the logical way of renovation.”

Gino Ruggiero

Suburban Review Press-Reporter, New York

“Remodeling University is a one-day seminar that will give all the basics you need to know before stepping into the landmine territory better known as a remodeling project.”

Geoff Shackelford

Architecture Columnist,, San Francisco, California

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