In the tradition of the great golf course architects, Don Knott, ASGCA (Knott & Linn Golf Design Group) has been considering the options for making the game as fun, challenging and unique as possible for all golfers. Following are his thoughts on a short course, A Course to Call Home. Look for more on this topic in the Summer 2019 issue of By Design.

What holes do golfers like best? Seems to me that short 4s and short 5s are universally loved by all golfers, hackers and low handicappers alike. Short to medium length 3’s can be thrown in the mix.

Here is a bit of musing that I think would produce a golf experience of immense popularity. There’s been much talk of late about the time to play 18 holes. Many would like to play fewer holes in less time and pay accordingly. How about the following?

Eighteen holes (very traditional). But three loops of 6 holes. Pay for 6-hole segments. Play 6, 12, or 18 (or more). Operate the course similar to existing 27-hole models. Each 6-hole loop would consist of two par 3s (short to medium length), two par 4s (short, even drivable), and two par 5s (short, reachable for many). Each loop approximately 2,000 yards. Par 72 for most. The best of the best could consider it a par 66 (6 at par 3, 6 at par 3.5, 6 at par 4.5).

No mundane holes here. No boring holes. Holes that are interesting, challenging, strategic, and enjoyable. An obstacle course through nature as the game was intended. A course that one could play every day. A course for bikers and ballerinas, for wee ones and wobblers…

A Course to call Home.