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Bridges, Walls & Retaining Walls

Don Ferrar -
Regina Sosing -

1 SE Ocean Blvd.
Stuart, FL 34994

Links Bridges is the supplier of the world’s best Golf Course Bridges. Links Bridges is the only company in the world that makes bridges out of 100% fiberglass – beams and decks.
Fiberglass is one of the world’s most durable building materials. Bridges made of fiberglass provide a number of critically important advantages compared to any alternative. These benefits include:
• Long lasting – Fiberglass does not rot (like wood), rust (like steel), corrode (like aluminum) or deteriorate in any way. Bridges will last for decades.
• Low maintenance – Minimal maintenance required. Never any painting, rust removal, replacing rotting boards.
• Natural look – Links Bridges’ most popular bridge model is The Woody – a slightly arched bridge done in a wood finish so natural that bridge users will believe it is ‘real’ wood.
• Retention of appearance – A fiberglass bridge will look as good as new in 10, 20, 30 and many more years. By comparison, bridges made of more traditional building materials never look as good as they did on the first day they were installed.
• Ease of installation – For spans up to 50’, bridges are delivered in 1 piece ready for immediate installation and use. If foundations are prepared in advance, installation can take a couple of hours or less.
• Branding opportunities - Many buyers of Links Bridges products choose to have their logos embossed right on the bridge deck – a strong branding message. The logos are factory embossed with a laser process that will ensure that they last for the life of the bridge.
Our bridges are competitively priced but really do provide superior value to any alternative. Our bridges are installed on golf courses throughout North America. We invite ASGCA members to check with any Buyer of our bridges and we are sure that they will find a very satisfied Buyer.