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Bunker Liners & Maintenance

John Brauer
Sales Representative: Chuck Hutton
(314) 406-3877 –

5 Pine Camp Dr.
Binghamton, NY 13904

IVI-GOLF, a division on Indian Valley Industries, Inc., is the manufacturer and creator of important bunker maintenance products since 1997. IVI-GOLF specializes in innovative products for golf course construction and maintenance, including the Sandtrapper and Flexxcape product lines. We took the expertise gained through many decades handling erosion control products and developed these products to improve bunker maintenance efforts.

Since 1997, when we launched Sandtrapper is two styles, we’ve expanded the Sandtrapper line and added Flexxcape Seamless Liners and the PermaEdge Bunker System. IVI-GOLF also carries and sources a variety of common golf course construction products, including Turf Shield Turf Covers, which are effectively used for accelerated grow-in, winter protection and general tee/green health.

Indian Valley Industries, Inc. began in 1940 as a burlap bag manufacturer. Since that time, it has grown into a vertically integrated supplier to a wide range of industries, including environmental protection products, erosion/sediment control and supplies to the heavy construction industry.

SANDTRAPPER - Since 1997, our flagship Sandtrapper product line has been synonymous with bunker performance. With over 85,000,000 square feet of product installed at over 7,400 facilities worldwide, Sandtrapper is the simple, cost-effective choice for washout and contamination control.

FLEXXXCAPE SEAMLESS LINER - Flexxcape takes the seamless bunker liner concept to the next level. As an ultra-premium option, Flexxcape is designed to outperform bunker hardscapes while offering an extremely simple, hassle-free installation method that anyone can perform. Flexxcape is a non-degradable, synthetic material manufactured with precision specifications and capable of standing up to the most rigorous environmental conditions. It withstands freeze/thaw cycles, mechanical raking, and ultraviolet exposure.

PERMAEDGE BUNKER SYSTEM - Introduced over 5 years ago, the PermaEdge Bunker System is a patented solution for stabilizing bunker edges and faces for all bunker styles, from old-school pot bunkers and steep revetted faces to modern flashed bunkers and small reveal edges. Developed around re-purposed synthetic turf, the PermaEdge Bunker System enables course professionals to re-imagine bunker design possibilities while establishing bulletproof, long-term integrity for simplified bunker maintenance.

TURF SHIELD TURF COVERS - Turf Shield® is simply the easiest, most affordable protection from winter’s effects professionals can give their critical areas. It’s also a real asset for the grow-in stage during new construction or renovation projects. Woven from durable, translucent polyethylene, Turf Shield creates a thin, protective layer that acts as a small greenhouse, allowing the turf to breathe and retain its moisture while letting sunlight through.