Designs on a Better Golf Course: Practical answers to common questions for Green Committees, is now available on Amazon from ASGCA Foundation. The book, conceived and edited by ASGCA Past President Jeff Brauer, provides information on more than 50 topics that may be raised by Green Committee members and other golf course decision makers as they consider improvements at their facilities.

The easy-to-read chapters in Designs on a Better Course are divided into 11 sections, including Renovations, Tees, Greens, Fairways and Roughs, Hazards, and Construction.

Designs on a Better Golf Course: Practical answers to common questions for Green Committees can be purchased on Amazon here. Proceeds from book sales will benefit ASGCA Foundation work.

“This book provides helpful information for those making decisions about golf facilities,” said Brauer, who has written for numerous publications, including Golf Course Industry magazine. “Whether a Green Committee member, Superintendent or Course manager, having a basic understanding of how golf course architecture affects all aspects of your course and operation is a first step to a finished product that is more playable and profitable. That’s where this book comes in.”

Besides text, the book features a number graphics and charts, including the Life Expectancy for a course’s infrastructure, Maximum Slope for Green Speeds, suggested size for Tees and much more.

Author JJ Keegan previewed Designs on a Better Golf Course: “There were many fabulous things in this tome and some that surprised me,” he said. “The insights that ‘every design is a compromise’ and ‘The focus of some architects is to prevent what golfers want – a good score’ are among the candid comments that make this book a valuable resource. By itself, the charts on ‘Green Slope vs. Speed’ and ‘The Appropriate Size of the Green based on the Length of the Approach Shot,’ create fabulous guidance that validates why purchasing this book is a wise investment.”

Following is a brief sample from the chapter, “How do we Implement a Forward Tee Program or other Systems?” “Try to resist targeting any specific total course yardage over designing each hole for how different players really play golf and/or lengthening holes based on tradition or ‘gut feeling.’ Yes, the holes may become much shorter, but they probably need to, and that is the point of the program!”

“The information included in Designs on a Better Golf Course meets the ASGCA Foundation’s mission to ‘support the health of the game of golf by funding and administering programs that grow the game,’” said Foundation President Lee Schmidt, ASGCA. “Jeff was assisted on this project by a committee of ASGCA members who provided content, comment and perspective, including Nathan Crace, Richard Mandell, Greg Muirhead and John Sanford.”