(Source: Seed Research of Oregon)

007 creeping bentgrass was developed for improved dollar spot resistance, medium bright green leaf color, no cool weather purple coloration, and a vigorous, uniform, moderately dense growth habit. It has rapid establishment and competitive growth against Poa annua all year long.

 007 was developed from bentgrass clones collected from golf courses that had withstood the test of time and stress then evaluated for many years. Recommended uses for 007 include seeding or sodding putting greens, tees, and fairways.

This new creeping bentgrass variety will adapt well for low mowing on greens or for reduced fungicide use on fairways and tees. 007 has already been extensively used for both new construction and interseeding of greens, tees and fairways across the world in a broad range of climates. 007 performs under a broad range of maintenance programs and is in the top ratings group for greens and has performed with distinction on fairways at numerous locations.

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