Tripp Davis, ASGCA (Tripp Davis and Associates Golf Architecture) is a Georgia native and University of Oklahoma graduate who is having a positive impact on golf course architecture in Texas. He talks design – and rivalries – in a “Tartan Talks” podcast with Golf Course Industry.

In recent years, Davis has worked on projects in San Antonio, Dallas, and Tyler, Texas. And he will tell you each site was quite unique. “You don’t have to go far in Texas to find different variations and soil types,” Davis said. “A good golf course architect needs to adapt design styles to fit each site. Plus, it’s nice to not have to travel far to find good work.”

An All-American college player at Oklahoma, Davis sees pros and cons to being a top-line player who now designs courses.

“Justin Leonard and I did a course together in Dallas, Ben Crenshaw and I are good friends.”

“Ours is a visual profession,” he said. “So, knowing how a golfer’s eye will move and how you use that eye movement to play better helps in a subtle way to design courses for players. Also, we understand the difference between ‘tough’ design and ‘strategic’ or ‘reasonable’ design.

“At the same time, my playing experience is a challenge in green design sometimes. I don’t want to be too severe for the average player. Make it challenging for the best players, but still playable for others.”

The complete “Tartan Talks” podcast can be heard here.