Thirty-two ASGCA members went on a trip in November 2009, touring Australia with members of the European Institute of Golf Course Architects (EIGCA) and their hosts from the Society of Australian Golf Course Architects.


Members on the tour from all three groups (ASGCA, EIGCA, and SAGCA) gather for a photo before their closing night dinner at Royal Melbourne Golf Club. Tour organizer Phil Ryan (center, in bow tie) holds the MacKenzie Trophy, which was won by ASGCA this year.

The tour, “In Search of MacKenzie: A Golf Journey to the Land of Oz,” allowed members from each Association to play golf at some of Australia’s best golf courses. Each Association vied for the inaugural “MacKenzie Trophy,” a hickory wood shaft with a small brass plaque attached, indicating which Association had the honor of winning the event.

The tour attendees followed in the steps of Dr. Allister MacKenzie, searching for inspiration within the legacy of his famed Australian golf courses.