BROOKFIELD, Wis. – The American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA) has announced Executive Director Chad Ritterbusch plans to retire from the position he has held since 2004. ASGCA has begun the search for a new executive director and Ritterbusch will stay in his current role until a successor begins in summer or fall, 2024.

ASGCA Executive Director works with the ASGCA Executive Committee and Board of Governors, guiding service to members and furthering ASGCA’s role in the game of golf. The Executive Director also helps oversee the programs of the ASGCA Foundation. A complete job description is available at

“ASGCA is grateful to Chad for his leadership and the time, caring and commitment he has shown over the past three decades,” ASGCA President Brit Stenson said. “Besides serving ASGCA, the ASGCA Foundation and the golf industry, Chad has put together a great team of staff members who will continue their good work on behalf of ASGCA.”

“We are intentionally taking our time with this opportunity in the hope of receiving ideas and input in the coming months from ASGCA members, partners and others in golf,” he continued. “We also hope to hear from a wide range of applicants.”

Smooth transition planned

Ritterbusch began serving ASGCA and its members in 1994. At that time he worked with Paul Fullmer, who served as ASGCA Executive Secretary from 1970 until his retirement in 2004.

“I am so grateful to ASGCA and put a lot of prayer into a decision that I ultimately felt was best for my family and many others,” Ritterbusch explained. “I feel it’s best for ASGCA, too, as it can seek a new leader with fresh ideas, able to tackle a golf landscape that has changed a great deal since I was tapped to lead 20 years ago. And now is a good time for a gradual transition, as ASGCA is very healthy and has such strong volunteer leaders and staff.”

Hiring process information

Stenson will lead a search committee comprised of ASGCA leaders that will begin reviewing applications later this year and into 2024. Those interested in applying can find information on how to apply in the aforementioned job description. Or they can send questions to Inquiries will be accepted until March 15, 2024.