As the golf world turns its attention to Augusta National and the Masters tournament this week, “GolfWeek” magazine called on ASGCA Past President Bob Cupp to comment on the “iconic” course.

Wtriter Brad Klein noted Cupp’s experience working on the course and his view of the unique role the private club plays in American golf.

“Veteran course architect Bob Cupp, who did some renovation work on Augusta National’s greens and surrounds in the late 1970s and early 1980s, marvels at how the course has been what he calls ‘an amazing proving ground for all kinds of technological innovations.’

“Cupp is referring to conditioning and strategic challenge. Augusta National long has been the object of envy by green chairmen hoping to achieve similar conditions at their courses. Good luck. Augusta National also has been a 365-acre laboratory for such innovations as SubAir greens drainage, soil and moisture monitoring and particle testing.

“’It’s not for everyone,’ Cupp said. ‘It’s a private club, and the production is exceptional due to sound management. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a model for the industry.’”

Cupp is not the only ASGCA member who has lent his talents to Augusta. Others who have worked on the course over the years include Billy Fuller, ASGCA, ASGCA Past President John LaFoy and ASGCA Past President Tom Marzolf.

The entire “GolfWeek” article can be viewed here.