The American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA) has announced Atlas Turf International has been added as an ASGCA Merit Leadership Partner. The partnership builds on longstanding individual relationships between Atlas Turf, a worldwide distributor of quality turfgrasses, and golf course architects.

As a Merit Leadership Partner, Atlas Turf is one of a limited number of industry sponsors formally joining ASGCA in this capacity, dedicated to golf course architects and the game of golf. Atlas Turf will collaborate with ASGCA on education, outreach, and the advancement of golf.

“ASGCA is proud to work with Atlas Turf as a Merit Leadership Partner,” past President ASGCA Steve Smyers said. “Their unique perspective on the golf industry as a turf provider will bring increased knowledge to ASGCA members, and assist them on projects around the world.”

“Our common interests and goals in both the domestic and international golf markets make this partnership mutually beneficial,” said Atlas Turf President John Holmes. “Atlas Turf provides turfgrass to golf projects around the world; and ASGCA members, on average, have worked in eight different countries. We are uniquely equipped to support each other in projects worldwide.”