The American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA) has announced that IZON 3 Agency has been added as an ASGCA Major Leadership Partner.

The partnership with a leader in the forward-thinking world of Web 3.0, non fungible tokens (NFT) and fungible tokens (FT) brings to the golf industry and golf course architecture one-of-a-kind programs to help golf course architects, golf course owners and others leverage the unique opportunities associated with today’s digital marketplace, while also protecting intellectual property.

As a Major Leadership Partner, IZON is one of a limited number of industry sponsors formally supporting ASGCA in this capacity. IZON will collaborate with ASGCA on a variety of programs addressing intellectual property, digital technology and more to enhance outreach and the advancement of golf.

“ASGCA is proud to work with IZON as a Major Leadership Partner,” ASGCA President Jason Straka said. “The world of Web 3.0 is a place where ASGCA and our members are able to bring their creative work to life in new and exciting ways. The IZON team has the technology background and golf experience to show golf course architecture in a new and exciting light. We are also excited to work with IZON on our very own NFT to celebrate ASGCA’s 75th anniversary.”

“We could not be prouder to become an ASGCA Leadership Partner. Having spent almost all of my career in golf my respect and admiration for golf course architects runs deep,” said Founder & CEO of IZON Technology and IZON 3 Agency Tim Ummel. “IZON is happy to work with ASGCA as they set their sights on their position within Web 3.0, as well as with each ASGCA member. It truly is exciting times with the opportunity to bring to life all of their unique works of art, design and golf course creations within individual block chain projects.”

IZON Background

IZON Technology, LLC, is based in Scottdale, Ariz. The company enjoys deep-seated relationships throughout the global golf industry and provides cutting edge SAAS-based technology to the Web 2.0 portion of the golf industry. And their IZON 3 Agency division is becoming the thought leaders to their clients as they embrace the world of Web3 and its transformational potential in their industry. IZON has recruited an impressive talent pool of seasoned veterans that are golf industry disruptors, technology developers & coders, illustrators and animators from Disney and executives with highly effective reach within the global golf vertical.

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