Ronald Dodson, founder and president of Audobon International, has announced his retirement. Dodson has spent the past 25 years serving also as executive director, a position now to be held by Ryan Aylesworth.

In 2009, Dodson was honored by ASGCA as the recipeint of the Donal Ross Award. The award is named for ASGCA’s honorary first president, and is presented to an individual who has made a positive contribution to golf and golf course architecture.

When the award was presented to Dodson, then-President Bruce Charlton, ASGCA said, “With the continued and increasing emphasis on environmental stewardship that surrounds golf development, it was time for ASGCA to again choose a long-time leader in the movement for our highest honor. Ron has done much to educate the world about how golf complements a healthy ecosystem.”

One of the most noteworthy projects Dodson oversaw at AI was the creation of the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program. Charlton said, “This certification often functions as a ‘seal of approval’ to help educate the public about how golf that is properly sited, designed and managed can be one of the lowest impact forms of development, and can provide wildlife habitat, protect natural resources and offer community and recreational values.”

The official announcement of Dodson’s retirement can be found here.