Bill Coore, ASGCA says keeping courses firm, fast and brown good path to economic viability

Bill Coore, ASGCA says keeping your course firm, fast and brown might be the only economically viable way to remain open in these tough economic times.

It also puts you on the cutting edge of a trend that’s leading the game back to its roots. Coore was interviewed on the topic of course conditioning trends and how they related to golf course architecture by Steve Eubanks for an article in NGCOA’s “Golf Business” magazine.

“Trends swing back and forth like a pendulum,” Coore says. “The natural presentation with native grasses and a less manicured look goes back to the foundation of the game. The oldest courses were simply mowed out of the terrain that was there, and for at least 400 years of golf, highly manicured courses, botanical garden-type courses, were not just the exception, they were frowned upon.”

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