In the Summer 2010 edition of “By Design” magazine, writer Adam Lawrence discusses the meaning and importance of sustainability in golf and encourages the industry to change its mindset so the longer-term future is the key goal.

Lawrence specifically mentions turfgrass management as a central issue to address when making courses more sustainable. He mentions using fescues or warm-season grasses and avoiding winter overseeding as possible solutions.

The article quotes Bill Love, ASGCA, who believes that attitudes are a key factor as well. He says, “If we can educate not only developers, but golf course staff and the local communities about the positive impacts that golf can bring, the facility has a much better chance of sitting comfortably and making a positive contribution to its local environment for the long term.”

Lawrence also writes that the environmental aspect of sustainability may be the easy part, as social sustainability probably requires more of a mindset transformation. He encourages the golf industry to move away from a view that what matters is the way the course or a club is perceived and presented today and tomorrow. Rather, the focus should be on the future. While superintendents and club managers may be accustomed to making decisions in this way, the mindset must also be spread to golfers as a whole.

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