In the Fall 2010 edition of “By Design,” writer Joe Steranka shares his view on the profound, positive impact the golf industry has had on America’s economic, environmental, and social agendas.

Steranka describes the 2005 Golf Economy Report, released by Golf 20/20 in 2008 in conjunction with research partner SRI International. The comprehensive analysis of golf’s contributions to the U.S. economy show exactly how golf helps society. The report valued golf’s direct economic contribution to the U.S. economy at $76 billion, with its benefits including the provision of two million jobs and a wage income of $61 billion.

The author also shares that 22 state golf economic studies have been completed by SRI (with additional state studies currently being conducted), and the tremendous impact golf has on the economy has been consistent across every economic study that has been completed. He writes that golf is a key industry contributing to the vitality of the state’s economy, and it is important that this is seen by the country’s elected officials.

To accomplish this goal, Steranka says the golf industry came together in an unprecedented way to form the We Are Golf coalition, which educates policy-makers on golf’s contributions to communities across the country. By utilizing golf’s vast grassroots network in communities nationwide, We Are Golf hopes to improve the understanding of golf’s multifaceted benefits to the economy, environment, and one’s personal health.

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