Reed Guanghe Exhibitions, together with the China Golf Association and the PGA of America, recently unveiled plans to strategically reposition the China Golf Show and the Asia Golf Show.

The events are held annually in Beijing and Shenzhen. The new format will focus on the segments of highest importance to China and Asia’s burgeoning golf industry.

Beginning in 2015, following extensive research and collaboration with key stakeholders (including partners, supporting associations, exhibitors, buyers, and delegates), Reed Guanghe, in partnership with China Golf Association and the PGA of America, will split the Merchandise and golf course construction/maintenance sectors into separate Shows, two per calendar year for the Merchandise sector and one for the construction/maintenance sector. In addition, Reed Guanghe will also launch a new high-level event focused on one to one business meetings for the Golf Industry sector, while also providing an extensive education and networking platform.

Going forward, the China Golf – PGA Merchandise Show and the Asia Golf – PGA Merchandise Show will focus exclusively on the Golf Merchandise sector. The China Golf Industry Expo, in partnership with the China Golf Association and the PGA of America will be “re-launched” as an annual trade show dedicated to the golf course design, construction and maintenance sectors. A brand new high-level event, the Asia Golf Congress will be launched in the Fall of 2015 to provide structured one to one business meetings, as well as professional education, networking and hands-on demonstration for trade professionals involved in the golf course industry. All of the changes are in response to the needs of Asia and China’s golf industry for stand-alone identities for the golf merchandise and golf course construction segments.

“We are glad with the repositioning of the events in the ‘NEW 3+1 Format’. The China Golf Association will continue to support Reed Guange in driving the success of the Golf events in the future, as we are confident the new platform will better serve the Chinese Golf Industry”, said Wang Yanmei, Vice President of China Golf Association.

“We are excited to partner with Reed Guanghe on continuing to evolve the opportunities that we can provide for all segments of the golf industry to showcase their products and services to a variety of buyers and golf facilities”, said Jeff Price, Chief Commercial Officer, PGA of America. “The China Golf-PGA Merchandise Show and Asia Golf-PGA Merchandise Show have grown and improved significantly through the partnership with Reed, the CGA and the PGA. We also look forward to enhancing the education and networking opportunities for a variety of industry stakeholders and professionals.”

“The new show positioning and strategy will enable the portfolio of golf events to deliver better value to our customers, thanks to more effective partnering and engagement with the industry and a more focused approach to meeting the diverse needs of the golf industry in China and across Asia. This places us in prime position to unleash the growth potential that resides within the Chinese and Asian golf industries,” said Josephine Lee, General Manager of Reed Guanghe Exhibitions.

The timing for the re-positioned events and additional details are as follows: The China Golf Industry Expo will be held in Beijing in March 2015 (co-located with the China Golf-PGA Merchandise Show ) and Shenzhen in 2016 (as a stand-alone event), alternating between these 2 cities on an annual basis. The event will focus on golf course construction, maintenance, design, landscaping, architecture and all other elements related to the look and functionality of golf courses.  The China Golf -PGA Merchandise Show will remain in Beijing in March of 2016. The Asia Golf-PGA Merchandise Show will continue in Shenzhen in the Fall of 2015 and 2016. The Asia Golf Congress will debut in Shenzhen in the Fall of 2015.

Reed Guanghe, the China Golf Association and the PGA of America (supported by other leading golf associations including the GCSAA, GCBAA, ASGCA and R&A), expect the enhanced portfolio of events to more effectively meet customer’s needs, as well as enable all constituents to more efficiently focus on the areas of specific interest to them.