recently posted an article about the challenges of becoming a golf course architect.  In the piece, Clyde Johnston, ASGCA shares his insight on the topic.  According to Johnston, the current market for course design makes it harder for new architects to break into the industry.  However, Johnston does offer some sage words of advice.

“I think you have to be good at what you do,” Johnston said.  “But if you’re talented and persistent, you can still get into the business.”

In the article, Johnston tells of breaking into the business and how he believes the profession currently puts a higher emphasis on the aesthetic beauty of a golf course than was previously done 30 to 40 years ago. 

The article also addresses some of the necessary qualifications for practicing golf course architecture, which include, but are not limited to a diverse and sound education, commitment to hard work, dedication to the profession and knowledge of the game and its grand history.

To read the entire article at, click HERE.  For more information about becoming a golf course architect, contact ASGCA.