ASGCA Past Presidents Jeff Brauer and Rees Jones are prominently featured in a column noting the demand in new overseas development and North America renovation projects.

Writer Steve Habel details the economic impact of recent years, then points out, “But some in the industry will survive, and perhaps even thrive, bolstered by new ideas, emerging markets for the game overseas and, maybe most importantly, a return to tried and true practices driven by common sense and an adherence to the environment and water conservation.

“According to Brauer, most golf architects have always had renovations be 30 to 90 percent of their work, and there are many other types of work, including the preparation of master plans, landscaping, specific hole remodels, retrofitting courses with new tees, or to help flood protection, both on-course and peripherally.

“‘Irrigation-related work is hot,’ Brauer added. ;Not only are courses looking for new systems, but some want turf reductions, so we work together with the irrigation designers to accomplish that.'”

The continued interst in shorter courses is also discussed by Habel, who writes, “Brauer has been recommending the shortening of golf courses, with forward tees down close to 4,000 yards. ‘They are proving popular,’ Brauer said, ‘Doing so helps not only the women and juniors who typically play there to make the game more fun, but everyone by moving others up a tee, by reducing the numbers of shots everyone takes, and by making play faster.'”

The complete article can be found here.