In a recent article of Idaho Golf, a publication of the Idaho State Golf Association, Don Knott, ASGCA is featured as “one of the most highly respected golf course architects of all time.”

Writer Mike McKenna shares a brief history of Knott’s entry into the field of golf course architecture in the article. Knott also reveals some of his views on both the game of golf and course design.

“The key to all great courses isn’t how much money they cost to build, it’s that they fit into the natural landscape,” says Knott. “A good golf course design makes it look like you haven’t moved any dirt to make it, as least that’s the goal.”

Knott also says that for a course to be truly special, there has to be “magic to the location.” He hopes when building a course that he can work with a combination of a great location and great golf characteristics. For Knott, these characteristics include a “wee bit of mystery and intrigue.”

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