Jim Engh, ASGCA (Jim Engh Design), has traveled the world as a golf course architect. The “art vs. science” discussion in the United States and around the world is at the heart of his “Tartan Talks” discussion with Golf Course Industry magazine.

Engh talks with GCI‘s Guy Cipriano about his experience designing in the United States, Europe and Asia.

“Traveling to Ireland was the biggest influence on my design,” he said. “I worked in Europe a lot from ’87 – ’91 and fell in love with courses in Ireland. They became the staple of what I believe in new course design.

“I believe the game should be fun, and in Ireland I am smiling and giggling the whole time.

“To have an art form where you experience the art form from within is unique. Being able to compete in it while experiencing it is great fun.”

Engh also discusses balancing “creative and technical.”

“I want to be as creative as possible,” Engh said. “But it is still important to work with the land and unveil what is there.”

The complete “Tartan Talks” podcast can be heard here.