Dye Designs, from ASGCA Past President Pete Dye and Perry Dye, ASGCA, has been granted planning permission for the Dye London. The project brings Dye Designs to United Kingdom for the first time.

Located in Edgware, north London, The Dye London promises a layout designed to “excite and inspire all golfers, from beginners to elite level.”

The trademark Dye Designs island green will be featured on the short 7th hole. The Dye London’s tribute to the 17th at TPC Sawgrass, will provide golfers a view of London’s skyline. Another notable feature will be a large lake, shared by both the 9th and 18th holes, which will create challenges at the conclusion of both nines and great views from the clubhouse terrace.

The golf course will be over 7,000 yards in Tour configuration, but will offer multiple tees for handicap golfers.

The planning decision allows for the creation of an 18-hole golf course with luxury clubhouse, practice facilities, car parking and landscaping.

“This is a key moment for golf development in the UK, and we are delighted” said planner Tony Menai-Davis. “We are looking forward to bringing Dye Designs’ stunning vision to life at a new facility which will delight all golfers, and which will also bring new visitors to the area from across the UK and Europe.”

The Dye London will be designed by golf architect Perry Dye, the eldest son in a family whose contributions have become an integral part of the history and tradition of golf course design and construction. “My design team and I have been working on The Dye London golf course project over a period of five years” he said. “This special project, a family-owned Dye Designs Championship golf facility that will be open to the public, located close to one of the world’s great capital cities, will attract golfers from all over the globe.”