Lester George, ASGCA, has been engaged by Audubon Country Club in Louisville, Kentucky, to create a long-range master plan of renovations for the club. The golf course, originally designed by Thomas Bendelow in 1908, has hosted the Kentucky Open, Kentucky State Amateur, Kentucky Senior Amateur, and more.

audubon“This master planning process is what Audubon needs to continue to position itself as a premier country club in the city of Louisville. The creation of this long-range plan will help sustain our current membership and prepare for bringing in future members,” said Club President Bob Frank. “We’re excited to be working with Lester George and his team.”

Prior improvements to the course were spontaneous, without a cohesive vision for the evolution of the golf course. The development of a long-range plan for future improvements gives Audubon the opportunity to evaluate course strategy, practice facilities, turf varieties, aesthetics, drainage, and overall facility efficiency.

“Lester has a unique and inclusive approach,” said Director of Golf Eric Gilliland. “He suggested we allow the membership to give their input on what they want Audubon to become before we share our ideas with them so we can compare their ideas of what the club needs with our own. This process is unfolding organically with the right person at the right time.”

George is meeting with focus groups representing a comprehensive cross-section of the membership at Audubon to discuss their opinions about the course, the property, and the direction of the club.

“I am looking forward to hearing what the membership has to say about the facilities and amenities so we can work that information into an inclusive, comprehensive plan for Audubon,” said George. “I fell in love with the course the first time I toured it, and I think the club leadership saw my passion.”

“The Board of Directors made a great decision to retain Lester George and his company George Golf Design, Inc. to map the future of our club’s amenities. I am very excited for our membership and future new members of Audubon,” said General Manager Mike Misheck. “I have had the opportunity to work with several golf course architects during my career, and Lester stands apart from all the others. We learned that his business model is very unique for golf course architects in general. I consider him somewhat of a ‘Hybrid’ in the industry because he is not only an architect but serves as a consultant, project manager and partner for his clients. He will not only develop a master plan but guide us through the process. Lester George is very selective as to the projects he chooses, and it is fair to say that Lester chose Audubon as much as our Board of Directors chose Lester. Lester will not only be developing a plan for the golf course and a state-of-the-art practice facility unique to this region, but the club in totality. Lester is very excited about Audubon, as we are of him. It will be an honor for our club to partner with such a renowned and respected professional.”