(Source: KCOY.com)

A Central Coast golf course is using a green method to trim the greens: Goats are trimming the grass at Monarch Dunes Golf Course in Nipomo.

“The goats have been loving it,” says Tom Elliott, golf course superintendent. “Every time we see them, we come out in the morning and they’re so happy to see us and they’ve just been as happy as can be, because the grass out here at the Monarch Dunes is the best, best quality grass on any golf course around.”

When the golf course’s rough gets thick, goats are brought in to control and maintain the grounds.

It’s a cost saving method and it’s also natural, green technology.

“They’re known as the environmental weed eaters,” says Elliott. “So we’re tying it in a little to Earth Day, giving it a little green affect, and it’s been pretty successful. We’ve had them three weeks now.”

Golfers don’t see the goats as a distraction.

They actually give golfers a historic golfing experience.

“It’s kind of a throwback to an old way of maintenance. In the old days, in Scotland and Ireland, they used to use goats and sheep to maintain the golf course,” says Elliott.

If you are looking for a scapegoat to explain your bad golf game, these environmentally friendly trimmers could do that too.

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