In a recent edition of “Press and Journal,” based in Aberdeen, Scotland, writer Paul Third discusses the legacy of golf course architect Tom Bendelow and his grandson’s efforts to get Bendelow inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Third writes that Bendelow had a vision of golf courses scattered throughout the country, offering everyone the chance to play the game. Bendelow is acknowledged to have designed more than 600 courses across the U.S. and Canada, but after his death in 1936, his accomplishments seemed to be forgotten.

Bendelow’s grandson, Stuart Bendelow, is now determined to put his grandfather and his achievements back into the forefront of American golf history, according to the article. The younger Bendelow is quoted in the article, saying, “Not only was [Tom Bendelow] America’s most prolific designer of golf courses, but he was an active innovator, promoter and teacher of the game.”

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