In his return to “Tartan Talks,” ASGCA Past President Greg Martin (Martin Design) shares his thoughts on what golf and golf courses can learn from successful companies like Disney and Starbucks. He talks with Guy Cipriano of Golf Course Industry.

“‘Journey Mapping’ is understanding how your customer sees your product,” Martin said. “Starbucks sells coffee; it’s not complicated. But they have understood everything from anticipation to engagement and exit…and even reflection of the experience afterwards.

“Take that and understand how Starbucks has broken that down and see how that could be relatable to the golf industry. Golf has anticipation, entry and engagement to exit and reflection. Total it all up and you have the facility’s ‘brand.’

“Taken a step further, Starbucks has the millennial customer who wants to use the app. But for the senior citizen, it is personal engagement. So you have to think about the people and customers. Golf courses have frequent golfers with high expectations, but you also have junior, beginners, women, etc. How does each part of the experience impact those customers?

The complete “Tartan Talks” interview can be heard here.