ASGCA Past President Dr. Michael Hurdzan (Hurdzan Golf) talked about his recently completed book, “Golf Law; Golf Course Safety, Security and Risk Management” with Golf Course Industry on a “Tartan Talks” podcast. The book, the seventh authored by Hurdzan, was edited by ASGCA Donald Ross Award recipient Ron Whitten.
“Less than 40% of golf course superintendents know what a Safety Committee does, let alone have one on their course,” Hurdzan said. “I have served as a witness to more than 160 court cases over 40 years and still get calls from attorneys…there needed to be a starting point to study this topic.

“Ron Whitten was a prosecuting attorney at one time, and every once in a while he would tell me about another course he visited that, he said, ‘could really use a book like this.

“At one time, Ron sent me 17 pages of corrections on the third of fourth edit! A lot of people would be bothered by that, but I was not. Ron reminded me that as a writer he gets edited all the time, and I have gotten criticism as an architect. Ninety percent of his edits were well worth making. You have to have a thick skin.”

The complete “Tartan Talks” podcast, hosted by Guy Cipriano, can be found here.