A new “Tartan Talks” from Golf Course Industry features ASGCA Past President Dr. Michael Hurdzan, ASGCA Fellow, and his unique viewpoint – after 50 years in the golf industry – that there will be a return to the “golden age” of golf course architecture from the 1920’s.Hurdzan spoke with GCI‘s Guy Cipriano, telling Guy:

Golf courses of 2020 will look like courses of 1920. Embrace time when life was simpler and game more fun. Reverts back to “golden age” of golf course architecture.

Be smart with the limited resources you have compared to past years. Judicious with hazard placements, etc. Create a “cerebral” golf course that is good business.

A lot of green grass does not need to be green. We can track players and their carts; we know where people are playing. So you can save water, fertilizer and fossil fuels.

Hurdzan and his son, Chris, provide great detail in how they work with course superintendents to address the challenges facing courses (and their owners) today, as well as how to keep courses fun for players of all ages.

The complete “Tartan Talks” interview can be heard here.