As U.S. governors consider what businesses should remain open in the coming days, the value of keeping golf courses open will be discussed. Following is a form letter you may use as the basis for outreach to state leaders, promoting the benefits of course play. Please edit or update as you see fit.

Office of the Governor

State of ____________

Dear Hon. Governor ___________:

I am writing to express my profound concern that you help keep golf courses in our state open and available as outdoor respites during the COVID-19 pandemic. The five-hundred-year-old sport of golf is played over a large “park,” but in golf we have the benefit of rules and procedures that can be adjusted for matters such as:

  • Social distancing (6-foot, 10-foot or more)
  • Local rules to prevent touching the flagstick
    (cups raised so players do not retrieve balls)
  • Removal of all touch points (bunker rakes and ball washers)
  • Mandating walking or individual cart usage
  • Closure of the clubhouse spaces while leaving the “park” open

Golf is by design an individual sport. While we play in small groups, we do so “alone” with our own equipment and just one ball assigned to each player. Unlike most other sports, golf is a pursuit where we can safely keep our distance, and with local rules, we can adjust to the current situation on a safe basis.

Please see:

People will need opportunities to be outdoors. Golf courses can provide that opportunity, keeping families and citizens active for four hours or more — but safely and per strict guidelines to better the health and benefit of the people of our state.

Please call on me if I can be of help to you. My direct line is ____________.