From bunker facing to “tee shot equity distance,” Richard Mandell, ASGCA, (Richard Mandell Golf Architecture) covers a broad range of golf course architecture topics in a “Tartan Talks” podcast with Golf Course Industry.

Mandell, a branch of the Donald Ross Family Tree of golf course design, openly promotes the need for “6-7 tee boxes for golfer equity.” He also discusses his philosophy of “designing backwards” so golfers are playing the correct shot and using every club in the bag during each round.

“Hazards should challenge a golfer, not penalize a golfer” is another area Mandell discusses in detail. “Bunkers to either side of the fairway penalize a pushed or pulled tee shot,” he said. “But a bunker in the middle of the fairway gives a golfer options: play it short or long, left or right.”

The complete “Tartan Talks” podcast can be heard here.