In a Q & A with We Are Golf, ASGCA President Greg Martin, ASGCA, (Martin Design) talks about the unique relationship that exists between golf course architects and the golfers who enjoy their designs.

martin-in-dc“This game starts local,” Martin said. “We practice and play at the local public course and fall in love there. The ASGCA membership is making those places better, more inviting, playable, maintainable, environmentally friendly, sustainable and accessible. It isn’t noted on a national level, but it is the hard work of our membership in those places that make a difference – making golf better for everyone.

“We have a unique opportunity to engage golfers on a deeper level. If a golf course can stir the imagination of a golfer on multiple occasions so that they want to return, we have done our job.

“Golf course architects have adapted quickly to changing needs, demands and in many ways, we are providing solutions to a variety of problems while offering a wider range of golfer the ability to enjoy this great game.”

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