“Golf Business” magazine sat down with Jack Nicklaus, ASGCA Fellow, prior to him being presented with the National Golf Course Owners Assocaition 2014 Award of Merit. The resulting video is informational and entertaining.

Nicklaus commented on a number of topics, including:

* Muirfield Village was designed so “Jack Nicklaus could not make money.” He wanted to design a course to host a PGA event, and felt if it was drawn and built to his style of play, fewer PGA members would want to attend.

* Oweners matter…a lot. If given the choice, Nicklaus design projects always include involvement of the course owners. “I’m not sure what I would do if I was left compeltely alone on a project,” Nicklaus said.

* His interst in 6-hole and 12-hole courses – and eight-inch golf holes – is not to chagne the game the “core golfer.”  “I want to show that the game is fun, and if this helps a senior player score better than he has in years, or allows women and the next generation of golfers to come out, experiene the game and want to come back, that’s great.”

The entire video interview can be seen here.