Kevin Norby, ASGCA (Herfort-Norby Golf Course Architects), sits down for a “Tartan Talks” discussion with Golf Course Industry about his golf course architecture influences, respect for the environment, and the challenges and opportunities working with flood mitigation around wetlands and creeks.

“What I like about designing golf courses is that you can look at a large piece of land and design something that sits gently on the land. I am an environmentalist; golf does not require you to do something devastates the land,” Norby said.

“There are more projects today influenced by flooding. Golf courses are oftentimes built on marginal land – especially in urban settings – where housing is built around them. We are seeing cities/counties looking for storm water storage. They come to architects and seek storm water management projects to accommodate their needs.”

Norby’s discussion with Guy Cipriano includes memories of the first round of golf he ever played…at Pebble Beach, and even defines the term “prairie pothole.”

The complete “Tartan Talks” interview can be heard here.