ASGCA Secretary Greg Martin has begun preparations for a renovation and Master Plan project at Oak Meadows Golf Club, a public golf facility in Addison, Ill.

Oak Meadows has a long hisotry, including hosting a Chicago Open event won by Ben Hogan in the 1940s. Today, the former Elmhurst Country Club is a public facility that attracts golfers of all levels, and perserves the natural landscape.

Martin’s list of benefits to the course and surrounding land based on his work is lengthy, including:

* Expand wetlands
* Expand stormwater management capabilities
* Expand upland and woodland native habitat
* Improve wildlife habitat
* Improve Salt Creek water quality
* Over one mile of streambank stabilization
* Improve golf course resistance to flooding
* Improve practice and learning facilities
* Reduce on-site pavement
* Expansion of playable areas, but a total reduction in turf

Project work is expected to begin in 2014.  

A video of the proposed work, including comments from Martin, can be seen here.