Former ASGCA President Damian Pascuzzo is optimistic about the golf industry for 2011 and beyond, as well as the role of golf course architects – particularly ASGCA members – in North America and internationally.

“The credibility of ASGCA members within all aspects of the industry is strong,” he said. “Golf course owners, builders and superintendents know they need to be smart, creative and take the initiative to be successful in the marketplace; far more so than even a few years ago. And they know working with an ASGCA member they will receive complete, comprehensive services which will benefit them today and into the future.”

Courses which may have delayed or postponed work in recent years due to an uncertain economy appear ready to make necessary updates.

“There is greater confidence now, as well as a pent up demand for work that needs to be done,” Pascuzzo said. “There will be more work like that over the next five years. And ASGCA members can lead the way in making a positive impact.”  

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