“When we dug into the research, it was amazing how good golf is for fitness. Not only for the body, but for your overall health.” Those words from PHIT America founder Jim Baugh continue a recent trend of folks seeing the physical benefits of golf.

PHIT America looked at recent research from the National Golf Foundation which captured the overarching theme that a round of golf benefits the body and mind, including:

* “During a day of golf, the average golfer will walk five miles, or walk one mile if they ride in a cart,” said Steve Mona, chief executive officer of the World Golf Foudnation. “Also, during an 18-hole round, a cart-rider will burn 1,300 calories, while a walker will burn as many as 2,000 calories.  That is the equivalent of jogging on a treadmill for two hours and 10 minutes.”

* Golf supports mental fitness, such as helping to sharpen your focus, develop cognitive skills and strategic thinking. The next time you are calculating changes in elevation, wind speed and direction, altitude, moisture on the ground and in the air, distance to the target, and swing plane, remember one more swing thought:  your brain is getting a great workout!

* “For many people, golf is a spiritual experience,” said A.J. Ali, wellness writer and creator of the GOlf to End Cancer. “There have been many poets, artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers and philosophers who have memorialized the spiritual aspects of golf in their works. Studies have shown that activities that stimulate the soul and help to get people emotionally centered and happy are activities that help with overall wellbeing.  As golfers often say, a bad day golfing is better than a good day working.”