In a recent article from USA Today, author Harriet Baskas writes of the trend to build golf courses near airports. She addresses the elimination of in-terminal tees and shares a sampling of some courses that are located at or near airports.

Baskas quotes Chad Ritterbusch, executive director of the American Society of Golf Course Architects, who says, “A big percentage of golfers travel, or go to the airport to pick up someone who travels. So building golf course near airports makes a lot of sense. It’s not like you can build a skyscraper on land directly adjacent to an airport.”

In the article, Baskas mentions two courses designed by ASGCA members. At Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, the Bear Creek Golf Club, designed by Ted Robinson, ASGCA, has extensive practice facilities and two 18-hole championship courses. The course is actually located on airport property. At Salt Lake City International Airport, Arthur Hills, ASGCA, designed Wingpointe Golf Course, which is situated between two airport runways and is home to a highly-ranked 18-hole course.

Course owners and golf professionals whom Baskas interviewed for the article shared some of the benefits of building a course near an airport, mentioning that golfers get a free airshow and courses get increased free marketing.

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