ASGCA members have been updating each other on the status of projects during the Coronavirus outbreak. As in all areas, travel, meetings, in-person gatherings and construction projects are closely adhering to local guidelines and full safety precautions.

Here are updates from a few ASGCA members (specific member names and golf facilities have been removed):

  • I still have all of my projects moving forward.1. Connecticut: We just finished Phase One of the “Shared Vision Plan.” Full 18-hole bunker renovation and supplemental drainage installation.
    2. Colorado: Active construction of Phase One of the Master Plan. Completion date May 1. Major renovation of all bunkers, some tees and a few greens.
    3. New York: Master Plan work. Just completed the addition of 5 forward tees and the renovation of one green approach.
    4. Utah: Active construction of Phase One of the Master Plan. Completion date is June 15. Major renovation of all sand bunkers and major renovation and expansion of the practice facilities.Also working on plans for a couple of international projects. No indication these projects will be scrapped, but perhaps delayed.
  • I have five projects under construction and all are continuing. One of them took about 10 days off because a clubhouse contractor’s girlfriend got the virus, so they shut down everything, but we started back there this week.
  • I have smaller projects planned for later in the year, they are still very much alive. Given their scale and investment, it is not surprising that they are still a go and I would be surprised if they do NOT go on as planned.I’m producing a large set of construction drawings right now for a major renovation (to be constructed in either ’21 or ’22). This is full steam ahead.
    There are currently plans for possibly 3-4 bunker renovation projects (construction) in ’21… and there is currently no indication by those clubs of any delay.Bottom line…. from what I’m seeing/hearing from my current clients, none of them have completely aborted or delayed due to Covid-19 at this stage – but they are also watching very closely. Everyone I am in contact with now is more bullish and confident that we will either continue our planning and projects as projected on the current schedule or near it – or simply pick up again at some point where we left off when this all started.
  • I am currently working on three projects, all of which are under construction. One project started a couple of weeks ago; complete redo of the practice range, the short-game area and relocating the first tee complex to make room for the range tee enlargement. We are in the shaping phase and should be through with that portion by the end of the week. The plans are to continue to work through grassing. It is a pretty remote area and a small crew without a lot of interaction with members or staff. Meetings involve three or four people, all outdoors and easy to maintain social distancing. We don’t handle plans between us.The second project, we have been working there almost as month on course renovations, new bunkers and green on one hole and three new holes.The third project is under construction (bunker and tee renovations). I am using the same contractor on all three projects and they know me well and do not require the same amount of visits as I may normally make.
  • I live/work in the Northeast. There is no consistency between the states. Each has different rules and requirements. This is challenging and sometimes hard to understand.I have three projects in New Jersey just outside New York City. The one under construction has shut down. They worked until the beginning of last week. They are still allowed to work, but the Contractor couldn’t get his guys to come in any longer. There is a lot of sickness in the area.My other two projects in New Jersey are in the planning stages. Both are saying they want to continue, but the projects have slowed because everyone is working remotely.I met with another contractor last week. He told me three of his guys went back to Long Island two weeks ago to see family and couldn’t return, and now another 4 guys including his shaper have decided they aren’t comfortable being out. He is continuing to work, but is down to a 5-man crew from a dozen.

    Another contractor I work with is from Michigan. He is having trouble with lodging as most hotels have shut down. He’s down to 3 workers.