Have just one conversation with Lester George, ASGCA, of George Golf Design and you can feel his passion for the game of golf and golf course architecture. “Virginia Golfer,” the official publication of the Virginia State Golf Association, captures that passion for golf – and automobiles – in a feature in a recent issue of their magazine.

The article notes the unique background that brings George to golf course architecture, including four years as an Amry artillery officer where he could use he skills as a map reader. That skill serves him, still, today.

“I can walk poperty all day every day, but until I get that 10,000-foot view and see the who.e picture, drainage from offsite, how things are affected by coming in or going off the property, I’m never going to have the total picture.”

One story that nicely sums up George’s professional approach is that of the renovation at Ocean City Golf Club in Berlin, Maryland in 1996.

“(Committee member) Joe Harrison had never heard of George, but he and other members did their research, including visitng The Colonial. They hired George, ‘for his enthusiasm and what we perceived to be a guy who would take the interest of the course at heart,’ Harrison recalls.”

The entire article can be found here.