(Source: Rain Bird Corporation)

In today’s highly competitive golf course marketplace, superintendents face the challenge of providing players with the best possible golfing experience while keeping expenses to a minimum. Combine that fact with an increased emphasis on water conservation and environmental stewardship, and the result is a strong need for a simpler, more cost-efficient way to manage golf course irrigation. Now, Rain Bird has answered that need with its new IC (Integrated Control) System.

A revolutionary new solution, the IC System is a control platform that uses Rain Bird’s exclusive Integrated Control TechnologyTM to link a course’s central control directly with its rotors. By incorporating a small Integrated Control Module (ICM) with each rotor, the IC System eliminates the need for decoders or satellite controllers on the course. According to Matt Mikucki, product manager for Rain Bird’s golf course central control systems, the IC System combines simplicity with lower costs.

“With fewer parts, the IC System is easy to design, install and maintain,” Mikucki said. “The IC System requires up to 90% less wire and has simple design parameters that result in faster installation and a significant reduction in the cost of both materials and labor.”

While the IC System offers ease of installation and cost-efficiency, it also exceeds current industry standards for reliability and performance. Since control is built right into the rotor, the IC System requires 33-50% fewer splice points, effectively diminishing opportunities for potential failure and simplifying expansion. With the IC System located underground, the risk for damage caused by vandals, inclement weather, or outdoor pests is reduced, while providing best-in-class surge and lightning protection.

“The IC System has virtually unlimited electrical capacity, making it simple to expand the system as budgets allow,” Mikucki added. “Integrated Control Modules can be added almost anywhere there’s wire, with only two splices necessary to install each device.”

By providing superintendents and managers with simplified installation, unmatched flexibility, affordable performance, and invaluable peace-of-mind, the IC System is poised to permanently change the way professional agronomists manage their irrigation systems. For more information about Rain Bird’s new IC System or the company’s many other quality products for golf course irrigation, visit here, or call (520) 741-6100.

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