Rain Bird has just released its third white paper on The Intelligent Use of Water, “Water Conservation and the Green Industry.”

Is water conservation a threat or an opportunity for business? What are the best practices for reducing outdoor water waste? By presenting a variety of viewpoints – those of sports field managers, turfgrass growers, builders, municipalities and local government representatives, landscape architects, irrigation consultants, landscape contractors, and nongovernmental environmental groups – Rain Bird’s new white paper identifies both areas in which there is common ground and opportunities for further collaboration by different green industry groups. It also investigates the social and economic factors behind water conservation and gauges their impact on the green industry. An examination of the energy efficiency movement offers additional context to the past, present and future of water conservation.

Six years after the publication of Rain Bird’s first white paper, “Irrigation for a Growing World,” this paper revisits several options to address global water scarcity to see what progress has been made in each area: 1) Water Re-pricing; 2) Water Re-use; 3) Desalination; 4) Water Transfers and Improvements to Water Delivery Systems; 5) Alternative Plant Selection; 6) Conservation through Efficient Irrigation.

All three papers are available for download at here.

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