Irrigation customers are seeking cost-effective ways to maintain beautiful landscapes and abide by local watering restrictions. Rain Bird’s new NT Series Micro Pop-Ups offer contractors and their customers an ideal solution to irrigate non-turf areas. By combining the water efficiency of low volume irrigation with the trenchless installation of drip irrigation and the proven reliability of a Rain Bird spray head, the NT Series provides the best of all worlds.

“We designed the NT Series Micro Pop-Ups specifically for use in non-turf areas like median strips, flower beds and long, narrow plantings,” said Don Clark, Rain Bird principal product manager. “Time studies have shown that the NT Series is much faster, requires less inventory and is much easier to install than other traditional systems. As a result, contractors can accomplish more in less time, passing on some of those labor savings to their customers while profitably growing their businesses. And, because the NT Series features two styles of nozzles with flow rates of 30 gallons per hour or less, the NT meets the industry-standard definition of a ‘micro-irrigation’ device, making it ideal for those markets facing irrigation restrictions.”

Available in 6” and 12” pop-up heights, each NT Series’ six models comes from the factory pre-nozzled with a 5H Micro-Spray Nozzle. Inlet and outlet barb fittings are molded into each body to make the NT quick and easy to inter-connect to one another using Rain Bird’s XF Series Drip Tubing. Patent-pending stabilizer ribs molded onto the outside of the NT Series body secure the unit firmly within the soil. A low nozzle trajectory minimizes wind drift, while a unique in-stem nozzle flow and radius adjustment mechanism makes it easy to adjust the nozzle flow and radius to the desired specification.

Each Micro Pop-Up accepts one of six NT Series Micro-Spray Nozzle patterns or one of seven NT Series Micro-Stream Nozzle Patterns. The Micro-Spray Nozzles provide a uniform wetted pattern over a specified area. The patent-pending micro-ramp design assures that each NT Series Micro-Spray Nozzle delivers a strong, crisp edge on each side of the wetted pattern, keeping water on target. The Micro-Stream Nozzles deliver between 3 and 12 discreet streams of water directly to plant root zones. Using the in-stem adjustment mechanism, users can adjust the nozzle streams from 0.5 to 2.5 gallons per hour, and from a 1” to a 42” radius.

“With no trenching or cutting and gluing of pipe required, the NT Series is up to 70 percent faster to install than traditional spray head systems,” Clark said. “Simply dig a hole where each pop-up will go, attach our XF Series Drip Tubing to the pop-up’s body, place the pop-up back in the hole and backfill with soil. After turning on the system to verify coverage, cover the tubing with mulch. That’s all there is to it.”

Rain Bird’s new NT Series Micro Pop-Ups give contractors and their customers a quick, innovative, cost-effective and water-efficient option that keeps non-turf areas beautiful with less water. To learn more, visit and watch a video demonstrating how the NT Series works. For more information about Rain Bird’s many other top-quality irrigation system components, visit or call 1-800-RAIN BIRD.