Of course, you have seen “Caddyshack.” But did you ever talk to a golf course architect who spent time at the course where the film was made? ASGCA Past President Rick Robbins (Robbins & Associates International) is that man. He discusses that experience and more in this “Tartan Talks” with Golf Course Industry.

“Rolling Hills Golf Course in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (now Grande Oaks Golf Club), was the course, and the company I was working for at the time was considering buying it. It had fallen into some disrepair but I saw the course, the swimming pool and even the caddyshack itself. It was interesting to be at the place where they filmed what I think is one of the greatest golf movies of all time.”

As for the game today, Robbins is a fan of the updated Rules of Golf put forth in recent months, though they may take some getting used to.

“The rule changes will be pretty nice once we are all used to them. I like that you can ground the club in a penalty area. Putting with flag stick in can help or hinder a player and pace of play; trying to decide if all four guys in a group want the flag in or out, who will tend to it, etc. can get confusing. The back and forth could be an impediment.”

Robbins time in the golf industry includes a unique friendship with one of golf’s leading ladies, Peggy Kirk Bell

“I was 11 years old when my father began working for Peggy and her husband, Bullet Bell, at Pine Needles.  Peggy said my brother and I could go out and play anytime we wanted, just stay out of the way of paying customers. We sometimes played 27 holes a day. I was too young to appreciate how wonderful it was to be able to play a Donald Ross course that had not really been touched to that point.”

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