John Sanford, ASGCA, recently met with Charles “Chick” Geilich of Granite Links Golf Club, where Sanford presented the club with its 2012 ASGCA Design Excellence Recognition plaque.

sanford derp2

Granite Links in Boston, was one of six courses recognized in the inaugural Design Excellence program, “for outstanding efforts of club leaders and architect John Sanford, ASGCA. Their visionary project led to a spectacular golf facility, saved taxpayers money and continues to benefit the environment.”


The challenge for this project included closing two landfills, each of which could potentially cost $8-12 million, and reduce the estimated $200 million of disposing spoil from Boston’s ‘Big Dig’. The solution was to use the spoil to create a 27-hole public golf course on the two landfills,with vents allowing methane gas to be used as an energy source.
More detail on this incredible project – as well as all of the Design Excellence Recognition Program projects – can be found in “By Design” by clicking here.